Tips That Will Help You Overcome Flight Fear

Well, let’s admit that most of us plan all year to go on a vacation but at the very last moment we cancel our plans. The reason you ask ? Isn’t the fear of flight ? The fear of flight is more common than you think especially for those who are flying for the first time.

We were once afraid of flying but then we came upon some really great tricks and tips to overcome that fear. And now we present to you the tips that will help you overcoming the flight fear.

Read Theory of Flight Fears

Majority of people have the fear of flight because in their subconscious mind they are kept being told that how can a giant metal body can stay afloat in the air? In order to overcome these and many other subconscious fears, you can tackle them by reading the theory behind it.

Doing a short web search can tell you amazing things about airplanes like the following.

  • Airplanes can stay in the air as well as a car does on the road
  • Turbulence is nothing more than a rough air which is like traveling on a bad road
  • Flight operators plan the routes of the airplanes thoroughly to avoid any collision

Research on the Flight Statistics

Statistics about air travel can also help ease your fear of flying. According to statistics, the chances of a person dying in an airplane crash are 1 in 30 million. For better comparison, consider some of these other statistics for an example.

  • There is an increased chance of dying with food positing than dying in an airplane crash
  • Airplanes are actually 6000 times safer when compared with cars
  • At the very moment of you reading this, there are nearly 13000 airplanes in the air with at least one passenger with fear of flight

Mentally and physically prepare for the coming experiences

Pain often comes for new passengers as they expedience the air travel for the first time. The body reacts to changes in pressure, so it is best to learn in advance the kind of changes the body might experience in air travel like the following.

  • The huge speed at taking-off and landing is normal
  • Moments of wings during flight is normal
  • As the plane gains the altitude, it seems as if it has stopped but it’s not

Learn how actually the airports work

A person can also overcome their fear of flight if they know how the airports work and as to how many millions of people sue these airports on a daily basis. Airplanes at airports also undergo a lot of detailed and thorough maintenance.

  • After every 5 years, every airplane undergoes for thorough maintenance and checkup
  • Before each flight takes-off, the airplane gets a fault check
  • The interim examination for the full aircraft takes place after every 3 months

Fly more than often

One other thing that can help you overcome your flight fear is to fly more often. When taking flight stops becoming a first time experience, the fear will fade away too.

Take Virtual flight

While you might read it to be a little silly, the research shows that taking VR flights actually helps people adapt to air travel better. If you are fearful of flying in an airplane, you can try to take a virtual flight first hand.

Try avoiding bad news

One other thing that the mind plays tricks on you and increases your fear of flight is when you read bad news before taking flights. More specifically it is best to avoid reading any type of air crash or accidents before you take a flight yourself. Last but not least, do not start to go searching out the past air accidents.

Breathe properly

If you are in an airplane and the fear starts to creep up on you during the fight, then do not let it become a panic attack. To avoid the fear, you can try adjusting your breathing. For that, you can use the following tips.

  • Take a deep breath in for 4 seconds
  • Hold the breath for 4 seconds
  • Exhale for 4 seconds
  • Again hold the exhaled state for 4 seconds
  • Repeat the breathing technique until fear starts to subside
  • Always breathe through the stomach

Accept your lack of control

Most flight fears originate with a total lack of control of a person over the whole situation. The best way to overcome this scenario is to accept that the aircraft is being operated by the experienced and professional persons who are well qualified and equipped to deal with even the most unexpected situations.

Try getting distracted for a change

One thing that can subside your flight fear effectively is to distract your mind with something entertaining or productive like doing the following things.

  • Reading a book
  • Playing a game
  • Eating some snacks
  • Using our phone
  • Solving math problems or puzzles in mind

Make use of the imagination

Imagination is certainly a gift as it can help a person get rid of their fear. For fear of flight, you can tackle it by imagining about all the good things about the place you are going to land on. You can also start thinking about other places that make you feel well and calm.

Try the rubber band trick

This trick might be a little stingy but it is an effective one for tackling lots of phobias.

Place a thin rubber band over your wrist before taking the flight. If during the flight, you start having the fear, pull on the rubber band and snap it over the wrist. The pain from the strike of the rubber band will make a person come back to their senses.