Reasons Why Flight Attendants Greet The Passengers During Boarding

The very first person that every passenger getting on board an airplane sees is the flight attendant that greets them with a smile. Have you often wondered as to why they do not get tired of greeting all these hundreds of thousands of passengers over the course of their long profession ? As it turned out, these flight attendants are even doing an important job as they greet the passengers coming on board an airplane. This job has been kept a secret for a long time but some of the flight attendants after completing their job decided to unveil this secret.

We have also unearthed some of the crucial parts of their job involving greeting hundreds of passengers every day and we decided to share it with you. So sit back and have a read of the reasons why flight attendants actually greet the passengers for during boarding.

Flight attendants during the on boarding process keep an eye of the passengers that are in great physical health and even remember their seat positions. The reason for doing this is for emergency cases where there is trouble making passenger on board the aircraft and the flight attendants might need your help in dealing with them.

In addition to this, a strong physical passenger can also be a great assistance when it comes to emergency evacuation of the aircraft to make it smoother and faster.

To filter out Drunk passengers

One major problem in the form of passengers that these flight attendants have to often deal with is drunken passengers. These drunken passengers can often make a lot of ruckuses, have inappropriate behavior, and also make other passengers on board really uncomfortable with the bad smell of alcohol emanating from their bodies and clothes. All of these and many other problems from these drunk passengers can make these type of passengers burned for the flight attendants. These type of passengers are also not helping in emergency cases and instead can be a cause of slowing down the evacuation process and placing the lives of other passengers at risk.

During the boarding process, flight attendants keep an eye on such passengers and often refuse to let them come on board to abstain from dealing with them later on.

Checking for illnesses

One thing that nobody wants from their flight is to catch a cold. In the cabin of the airplane, passengers are sitting in closed spaces to each other for many hours that make them susceptible to be infected with bacteria and viruses.

Some flight attendants revealed that if a passenger seems pale in colour, unwell with coughing or sneezing symptoms, they might also get denied to board the aircraft.

Scouting out their colleagues

One other thing that these flight attendants keep an eye for their colleagues from work as the other flight attendants. The reason for flight attendants to scout other flight attendants is to get their help because they are well trained to deal with emergency situations, provide first aid to injured passengers as well as work in great teams. In case if the aircraft is met with an accident, these flight attendant passengers will be a great help to the on-job flight attendants.

Passengers with Aerophobia

Let’s admit it that the majority of us had the fear of flight especially flying for the first time and some of us even have that fear but our needs require us for the air travel.

Flight attendants are also aware that if not all many of the passengers on the plane are suffering from Aerophobia; fear of flight and they try to guess them during the boarding process. During the flight process, flight attendants try to guess which of the passengers suffer from Aerophobia and also where their seats are placed. In between the flight, flight attendants try their best to keep such passengers are comfortable by giving them extra attention along with comforting and cheering them.

Keep in mind the passengers with disabilities and physical needs

Flight attendants revealed that they also keep in mind the passengers that have special needs and are suffering from disabilities for the following 2 main reasons.

  • The first rule of locating these passengers is to make sure that such passengers do not sit near the emergency exits. The reason is that these passengers are not likely to open up the heavy doors of the emergency exits in case of any emergency. In addition to that, they might also block such exits.
  • As for special needs and disabled passengers, they require special assistance from the flight attendants. This is true for the cases of emergency where these passengers need extra attention and flight attendants to make sure that they are not left behind.

Passengers that have large carry-on

A passenger that is bringing with them a large bag might result in the flight to be delayed. The reason is that such passengers usually need a long time to find a suitable place to place their luggage. Quite often, such passengers often try to place their huge luggage in the places which are not meant for storing them.

Also, such huge luggage is placed on the places above the seats might fell out in cases of accidents or turbulence and fall on the below-sitting passengers and hurt them. This is why flight attendants take notice of passengers with huge carry-on and place their luggage in the appropriate places as soon as possible to minimize the flight delay.